Yay, avatars are (finally) coming

Sure, you used to be able to «simpsonize» your Facebook profile picture and you meet yourself or a digital image of yourself in the Bitstrips universe. But these were just static, nice little pictures that might have been fun but we haven’t gotten addicted to them. Since sooner or later every developer wants to earn a whole lot of money with their ideas, they need to get us hooked so that we use their tools and platform over and over again. Snapchat seems to have understood that very well with its animated filters that have now also reached the world of digital immigrants. What you get is a face with bizarre decoration or one that is distorted beyond recognition. The same procedure happens when pressing the video button to make a recording. The «breakthrough» with digital immagrants could be achieved as one can save these «Snaps» and later send it to your contacts on another messaging channel such as Whatsapp. People over 50 might want to turn to their sons and daughters when it comes to understanding Snapchat – but do it before they turn 30 😉 After 30, they will eventually have the same problems as we do when they need more than two clicks. Only the «Animojis» on the new iPhone X can outdo the Snap-Avatar: They might look like a rabbit, a chicken or a pig but their facial movements are exactly like ours as we look into the new «super-camera». It’s too bad that Apple restricts the distribution of the all too short clips to their own iMessage service. What a way of (quite literally) reanimating Apps that were thought to be «dead»!


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