With and without Photoshop

“Young doctor from Cologne, attractive even without Photoshop (35/160) is looking for a ‚man for life’ with wish to have children” – this quotation from a Sunday edition of FAZ is quite revealing. The first thing you’ll notice is: I apparently read contact advertisements. But don’t worry – my wife, I can reassure you, knows about it and approves, as long as I only read them 😉 Secondly, even people who have obviously lived more than half their lives in the “Internet era” still seem to believe that they can find a partner through the medium of the classic newspaper. Ultimately, and this is my topic today, it shows how comparatively easy it was for us, today’s digital immigrants, to find a partner in the analogue age. We had nothing to do with manipulated portraits embellished by technology: At that time, inner values still counted, and the word “Photoshop” would only be known for its literal meaning. Of course, this view is a little bit whitewashed. Maybe there are some hidden messages in the quoted sentence next to the self-praise of the advertiser, e.g. “Whoever answers must also be attractive without Photoshop” or “I want a partner who looks at me in real life and doesn’t just look at my Facebook profile” or (my guess) “You can only find photoshopped pictures of me online, but you, the newspaper readers, need to know, I’m attractive in any case”. I can only say: The world has become complicated with and without Photoshop, hasn’t it?


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