Which channel is the right one?

There’s a colleague who sends me files using “Slack”. Of course, it is a communication tool that enables straightforward collaboration in projects thanks to chat and direct messaging functions. It always remains open, has different internal channels and is practical. But using it to transfer files? I mean, it works. But that’s what the “traditional” e-mail is for – or at least I thought so. Well, I just realize that that’s only partially true: A business partner of mine failed to send such an email due to a file “oversize” and then successfully used Dropbox, while I had sent files to another recipient via Wetransfer virtually at the same time. This is the brave new digital world: One task (file transfer) can be done in dozens of ways, and in most cases even free of charge. So the choice becomes a matter of taste (I like the background images in Wetransfer very much, for instance) or an actual problem: How would the other person like to have it done? I stick to the simple and basic rule that the answer is given the same way as the original request. And it was exactly this rule that my aforementioned co-worker (her name is Vera, by the way) followed, as I had asked for the files via Slack. But I had actually only used Slack because it’s so wonderfully informal, easy and simple and because I hoped she’d be able to react more quickly than with a “standard” email request.


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