What about the smiley face?

I enjoy using smiley icons, emoticons and emojis so much. I even like having them in business e-mails as they take at least some seriousness out of our texts. We all seem to be taking ourselves too serious sometimes, don’t we? To make this state even more serious emoji haters have been trying to find ways of evading the automatic transformation of a series of characters into smileys – an endeavor no toolbar user could ever undertake. I therefore refuse to give detailed instructions on how to do so. It is possible but – this much I can reveal – there is a different way for every other software. Microsoft Word, for instance, allows the user to define exceptions when it comes to automatically generated text replacement. You could, as an example, let none but your favorite smiley be “transformed”. Second tip: When using e-mail software just switch to rich text format instead of html to get rid of the automatic transformation. Yet I’m still wondering what meaning a serious of characters like 😉 or 🙂 shall convey.


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