Use your brain, not your phone

The time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the classic “slot” to make resolutions. “Good resolutions” are required for most of which there’s also an app available. Can’t remember? You might just run a Google search for “good resolutions app.” – reflex that has transferred from digital natives to digital immigrants. Although we used to be able to recite poems of 100 lines or more by heart in our youth, we completely rely on Google or other Apps today just to sooth our brain and memory. This results in a similar effect as when the one next to you has better knowledge of something: We completely rely on that person and no longer focus on our own efforts. And the same applies to our brains: By googling anything our brains might be soothed but they do not put effort into thinking and therefore stops their “training” (so to speak) resulting in decline and loss of performance or in any case distraction by a cell phone. This is proven by studies, such as this Chicagoan example: Three groups of people were asked to remember letters while solving simple equations. The best group was the one in which the cell phone had to be placed outside the room, followed by the group of people with their phones in their pockets. The group that had their cell phones on their tables (display facing down!) made most errors. What’s the conclusion of this? Use your brain, not your phone 😉


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