Typing with one hand or just one thumb?

There’s a classic example of a distinctive characteristics between digital immigrants like me and the «real» digitale natives: We need one hand to hold our cell phone and the other one to write “one-finger-style”, while digital natives use both hands to hold their device but type with their thumbs. Under 20s are seemingly four times faster than one of us 😉 Therefore, tools like “adding text” are very important, although most people don’t know about them (at least in my environment). This one is a feature that usually can be found in the keyboard settings where you can define a kind of shortcut, preferably short series of characters that will be put into a (predefined) full sentences/texts by the system. Well known examples are “LOL” («laughing out loud») or “IDK” (“I don’t know”). You know what I mean? Hashtag fanatics or influencer can, by using this feature, put dozens of hashtags at the end of their posts. However, some of them have no clue that something like that even exists as the assertion of a former top athlete shows. She told a reporter that one post takes her about 15 minutes because she’d have to tag all of her sponsors. Poor girl 😉


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