Today’s text will make you happy

Do you know that feeling when you see a blog post or an email subject that is really appealing to you? It’s similar to the feeling you get when the mailman rings the doorbell with a carefully wrapped parcel. Your curiosity is immediately captured and you can’t wait to unpack it. If you have kept on reading and you’re still with me now, you too have «opened» this particular blog post and feel curious about what kinds of words and sentences are supposed to make you happy. Here are two «answers»: On the one hand, every text, every single word you «come across» has the potential to create a moment of happiness or to trigger positive feelings. On the other hand, however, and that was my intention with this post, (almost) every heading promises something that people are looking for or might even have been looking for their entire lives. And that’s why a heading like the one of this text is said to have the best «engagement effect» (likes and shares) on people – at least according to a study carried out by Facebook. And the purpose of this post is to test this hypothesis. We’ll see if this post gets more hits than the other Digiimmi articles. If so, this text at least makes me happy 😉


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