The three “deadly newsletter sins”

After having looked at the Digiimmi archive, I am surprised, if not shocked, that there is no article dedicated to newsletters, even though I do send (and receive) a number of those. And I am sure not to be the only one subscribed to several newsletters. The three “deadly newsletter sins” are easily listed (as it would be easy to name seven sins – but I’d commit a deadly sin myself then!): 95 percent of all newsletters are too long (and boring), too self-serving and too often in the mailbox. How many times would you open the door to a real person with such characteristics? Probably three times: the first, the only and the last time. “Too long”: A subject line that says “Newsletter1/2017” and a size of five A4 pages. I claim that no one focuses on content that is longer than one A4 page. “Too self-serving”: Almost all newsletters are written from the sender’s perspective instead of focusing on the interests and needs of the recipients. “Too often in the mailbox”: There are still so-called newsletters (mostly invitations to “unique” events) that enter my e-mail mailbox, get posted on LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook (or even sent via Whatsapp) almost every other day. Listen, guys: “News” requires something “new”! If I am looking for reruns, I’ll turn on the TV.


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