The seven deadly sins of the digital immigrant

No, the headline was not meant to get extensive coverage or massive likes but expressions like “Do’s and Don’ts’” or “What you should give up” are just too weak for an article talking about 7 things a digital immigrant should stop doing. It is just the right time with the beginning of Lent, although these “prohibitions” last not just for 40 days. Well, whoever wants to prevent him/herself from being regarded as a digital ignorant or newbie at best – be that in real life or on social media – should avoid these 7 “deadly sins”: 1) selfies “from below” – camera at belly-height; 2) Liking your own posts on platforms (tagging yourself in a picture might be OK though); 3) Connecting social media accounts (and posts) like Instagram and Facebook (No, Mark, we won’t do it!); 4) posting political content on Instagram; 5) Status update on Whatsapp; 6) Using no emojis (you might as well just write a “traditional” text message); 7) Asking others to take a selfie of you and somebody else – which will result in just a normal photo ((This sin might just apply to non-English-speaking readers though)). Of course, that’s just a selection of “what not to do” which is why I ask you to write in the comment section below what you think ought to be avoided on social media. I’m a digital immigrant and still learning.


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