Test of character with your cell phone

Let’s assume you find a cell phone that someone must have lost: Which apps or rather what content would you – out of curiosity – examine first? The spontaneous survey’s result: photos, social media accounts, and Tinder. Almost no one mentioned e-mail account or contacts although one could probably find more information there about the actual owner of the device. It’s highly likely that most of us would enjoy pretending to be someone else. And one may expect to find exciting or intimate information by taking a glance at social media activities, photos or Tinder messages. However, I’m inclined to doubt whether one shows his or her true colors there – without having in-depth knowledge of Tinder. But people are said to be prone to pretend that their younger, more beautiful or more interesting than they actually are. We all know these photoshopped or over-staged pictures and stories on Facebook and Instagram. Snooping around on another one’s cell phone won’t necessarily reflect the owner’s character. Yet, a situation like this is quite improbable anyway: I am almost 100 percent sure that we wouldn’t find out anything as we’d have to unlock the device with some kind of key such as a code or FaceID – and that’s pretty tough if not impossible unless its your own mobile phone. But maybe, we should rather test our own character than someone else’s. So take a glance at your own apps and pictures 😉


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