Taxi by letter

Digital immigrants like to learn from digital natives. Here’s what we’ve alread adopted from the generations Y and Z: Everyone can learn from each other and knowledge should be shared. It’s a pity, however, that some natives occasionally fall into the same patterns our teachers had. Then, they lecture you as if you were a first grader. Someone who does this is Philipp Riederle, the exemplary Y-digital native of the first hour. Philipp Riederle, the exemplary Y-digital native of the first hour, for instance uses this approach in his book, which is – interestingly – also available in analog form. There is, in fact, a title “Ordering a taxi – by letter?” Maybe he didn’t mean it that way, but it’s insinuating that there are people – among us digital immigrants – who would have ordered a taxi by letter. Excuse me, but we didn’t grow up in caves, didn’t learn to write with stones, or went hunting with spears. Our generation invented and built all the devices that made a digital world possible. The first movers among us have had personal computers at home for over 30 years (first Atari, then Mac) and have known websites and mails for over 20 years. So we don’t need to be talked to in the same way certain locals do with strangers in the analogue world. I’ll never forget the Swiss bus driver who once said to a black woman: “You come from country where it’s always warm”. So, dear digital natives, talk to us in your language, we like to learn.


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