Status update

Of course, we all know that what we post, comment on and like on social media channels has a lot to do with our “status”. First of all, it literally has to do with the state we are in (and want to share with the world), but also with the position we hold within a community: Are we among the “cool ones” who receive dozens of likes for posting a somewhat philosophical quote, or do we rather belong to the “outsiders” whose selfie with Céline Dion won’t reach more than 10 views and 2 likes from family members? Social Media offer the opportunity not only to beautify or polish our status, but also to “photoshop” our way through the virtual world. And this is not only true for pictures. Most social networks allow their users to post and update their own status with certain features, like Facebook, for example, where you can express your feelings with  “How do you feel”-emojis. And Whatsapp also came along with their status updates. While I had been wondering why some people seemingly changed their profil pictures almost every day, I realized that such actions could lead to more messaging. I suppose that Whatsapp’s analysts had also started to notice this and wanted to make things easier: While before I had to relate the rapidly changing profile pictures to a particular state of mind of the Whatsapp contacts myself, they can now do that for me directly on their Whatsapp status. However, I might already know how they feel from my Facebook feed too.


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