Spam from friends

Monday was some kind of “rest day”, but on Tuesday things got compensated. One of my friends, on whose mailing list I ended up ” innocently “, sends me virtually every day about three to ten ” funny ” pictures and videos. Most of them are “harmless, but funny”, often in macho manner, much like in this meme for example: A picture showing a kitchen sink set up to clean the dishes, decorated with two or three candles and the caption «Darling, bath is ready». And as I said: If my friend doesn’t have time on a particular day to send his funny stories, jokes and videos, then he’ll just double the amount on the following day. Sometimes I wonder if the sender is really my friend (whom I know personally, not only through social media) or if a machine has hacked his mobile phone. Because when I occasionally write back that I think one of the jokes was really good, I never get an answer. Maybe his mailing list is so gigantic that he cannot answer feedback individually. Or he has more important things to do than get in touch with someone personally: After all, he has to be able to send new manterial again tomorrow. Admittedly, I look at most of the pictures and watch his videos, and I can laugh a lot. But I’m a bit afraid that I could eventually go stupid if I don’t put our chat on mute from time to time. I just hope that I will never turn from the recipient into the distributor of such spam. That’s what friends are for.


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