Shazam for keynotes

It’s been available for almost 10 years and among the most useful apps (at least if I rely on my virtual «good feeling»): Whenever you hear a song you don’t know (yet/anymore), you can simply take out our smartphone, hold it toward the loudspeaker and you almost instantly get all the information you need, including where to find that particular song online. What I didn’t know was that Shazam has been doing that since 2002; Back then, their medium was text messaging. No idea how to transmit sound over that medium but anyway… What I have been waiting to find for a while now is some sort of Shazam for keynotes, for spoken words (so to speak) and/or for Powerpoint slides. How many times would I’ve wanted to know where a quote has been taken or a diagram was «copied» from? And frankly, I’m longing for a Keynote-Shazam that «downloads» the slide’s content directly onto my smartphone. Imagine the decrease of stress level for keynote attendees as their need for holding up their phones to zoom in and take an accurate shot. Well, well – once again I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and revealed a business idea. But maybe this kind of Shazam is already on the market, despite my efforts while ploughing through the depths of the internet as well as the App(le) Store. Can anyone please shazam it for me?


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