Raiders of the Lost Gadgets

October hasn’t even started yet, but stores are already redecorating their interiors for Christmas, setting us all under pressure to find the right Christmas presents. Even if you find the right gifts, they’ll probably end up in drawers or in some app folder on your smartphone. I have already talked about unused apps in this blog, but unused devices never came up. There is no statistic on how many smartphones, iPads, laptops and PCs stand around in our households and businesses. My theory: Half of the people between 20 and 60 own one such device that is worth several hundred dollars, but placed somewhere and unused for months if not years. It’s the same thing with shirts and blouses: You see it in a store, the form and design are appealing and they got you: You buy it. After having worn it a few times, the shirt ends up in a pile of other cloths never to be worn again. May I be frank: My such device is an iPad of the second or third generation (I can’t even remember THAT) and I want to give it to someone who can’t afford it. I urge you to follow suit: You might remember where you last put your “lost gadget” and give it away.


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