QR what?

“That’s a digital-native-thing, isn’t it?” The journalist’s question or his ignorance rather must have made me smile triumphantly. Sorry! The Quick Response Code is probably the simplest to bridge print and web as there can be information set into this pixel field such as a link to a certain website. That’s why we come across this feature quite often, be that in brochures, advertisements or billboards in order to lead us to further information. However, the QR code has not yet won itself through because it used to be dependent on extra apps. Nowadays, smartphone cameras can directly recognize the code and direct you to the corresponding link; and in 2019 the millions of payment slips will be replaced by QR codes. This, I hope, will draw full attention on this useful tool. Despite all that, I predict a very short “period of fame” as it only represents some kind of crutch to the digital immigrants. Digital natives barely use it because their billboards are banner advertisements on websites and their bills sent and paid electronically. On top of that, the Internet of Things will allow food products to “tell” its origin and expiry date without any QR code. This is why the QR code – much like the digital immigrants themselves – will die out.


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