Passwords are our life

When historians of the future will look back at our time, there will be one key binding characteristic of our generation to be found: the password. Well, in real life, it’s not just one but many passwords. And that’s the problem: Due to the codes and passwords required for credit cards, cellphone, tablets, computers, dozens of apps and programs we are tempted to use the same password all over again. And I’m talking from my own experience as my close ones must have realized by using many of my access points. The SonntagsZeitung has conducted a research of a huge number of hacked passwords to find out whether there are any national or gender-specific differences in the choice of such passwords. The result of this research? Women are neither more imaginative nor more cautious than men when it comes to choosing the “magic words” that are supposed to secure personal information. In addition to this, the most popular passwords are still 123456 and 1234 (for both genders) despite long-lasting warnings against the use of numerical sequences. As simple as this sounds that is how most of us actually work.


One thought on “Passwords are our life

  1. Ich habe inzwischen eine Excel-Liste (5 Seiten) nur mit Zugangsdaten und Passwörtern. Vor einer App habe ich grosse Bedenken. Die Liste liegt analog bei den persönlichen Unterlagen – so dass ich auch digital ableben darf, wenn es dann so weit ist.

    A bisserl was analoges brauchts immer …!

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