No one needs such things

«No one needs such things» is a quote I owe to a former employee who used it whenever a company announced a «genuine innovation» or when someone was enthusiastic about some gadget they just discovered. This quote always comes to my mind when I find useful things while browsing through my social media streams: Be that a mini-ventilator for the iPhone, a rubberduck like «iDuck» through which I can listen to my favorite music, Bluetooth gloves, a hairbrush with wifi-connection or an App for taking care of my pot plants. Philosophers may say that for centuries there have been more things on earth that no one needs than such one does need. The number of truly superfluous, sense- and tasteless things has, however, multiplied so immensely since apps are in our lives that connect the offline with the online world. Of course, there is a lot of funny stuff around, and sometimes there are even some useful things being invented, but the world will not become smarter just because there’s an online level added to it. Well, I need to go now as I need to download «RunPee»: a truly useful app for the older generation of digital immigrants. We can now get notifications on boring movie scenes in order to decide when it’s the best time to go for a pee break at the cinema. Holy crap!


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