No flu, please!

Influenza is the medical term for what is generally called “the flu”. I’m always reminded of that fact when I read about “Influencers”. I must say, though, that their occurrence seems to be much more like an epidemic and not like some harmless flu. But, aren’t we all – be that virtually or for real – some kind of influencers? Someone once just came up with the idea of calling people with an extensive number of followers and friends on social media that way. And now, these stars and starlets, from the four-legged grumpy cat to song-lilting or eye-lashes fanatic teenagers right to genuine popstars, are all being paid be companies and organizations to create “authentic” posts about and with products or ideas. But there’s no “paid content” marker involved: Such posts are supposedly reliable testimonials 😉 Testimonials that receive a huge amount of likes and shares (depending on the influencer) which might result in high sales figures. Yet, I still haven’t found the kind of people who actually let themselves be influenced in their personal or political attitude by influencer-posts. And I won’t be infected!


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