My weather, your weather

It might sound like holidays but it actually is the most important topic of each year: the weather. There’s no other topic of conversation we talk so openly about or describe our expectations, hopes and disappointments to each other. And this roller coaster of emotions on which we often ride becomes even more exciting by using weather apps: We can not only complain about the absence of fair weather or long-lasting bad weather but also about how wrong and inaccurate the weather prediction was. When talking about the yesterday’s, today’s or tomorrow’s weather – or even better: the next week’s weather in some far-off holiday destination, there are often not only different opinions but also various predictions on different mobile phones that kick off the debate: “Well, my weather app has always been quite reliable,” says one peer, while the other might emphasize that he has paid 5 bucks for the pro-version, believing that the extra 5 bucks were meant to pay for more accurate predictions and not just to get rid of the in-app ads. I, for once, use the SF Meteo app that is more familiar with Swiss weather conditions than software from the USA or Asia. It’s especially cool that you can track precipitation at an accelerated pace for the next 48 hours. But don’t be fooled! The app might appear to be for free but we have already paid for it with the licence fees for radio and television. Which means that the app is mine and should be called «my weather».


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