More Storytelling, please!

From time to time, Facebook also becomes a sales platform, directly, with status messages like this: “Open Air St.Gallen three-day pass for sale (cheap!). If you are interested, please send PM.” “PM” stands for private message and is most probably supposed to prevent a public price discussion on the private provider’s stream (which happens now and then nevertheless, because not all FB users know the abbreviation). But Facebook isn’t quite the place to buy and sell. Such an offer can therefore – depending on the point of view – change the image of the provider. FB friends might ask themselves where he/she got the ticket from (“presumably free of charge and now looking for profit”) and why he/she won’t go to the event himself/herself. And that’s why the offers on Facebook are more and more often supplemented with sentences like “It is not my ticket, I’ll go myself too”. Translation: The event is so super cool! I would never sell my own ticket. Guys, please: That’s far too cheap if you all write the same thing. Try a little harder! The chances of “selling” your ticket and improving your image at the same time would be much higher if you told “real” stories about it. For example: “My girlfriend left me just before the wedding, so I don’t want to go to the event with her anymore. Ticket is only sold to men”. Or: “I’ve been allergic to mud for years and can’t go to the Sittertobel again. Who will exchange their spa voucher for my open-air ticket?»


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