Mental note

We’ve already discussed the approaching/impending/awaited end of e-mail communication. And yes, people who engage intensely in communicating over virtual channels might get the feeling that the really important things are announced or shared on other channels: the clinically beautiful pictures on Instagram, the unfortunately no longer that short news and political opinions on Twitter, the travel destinations and experiences of our over 50s generation on Facebook and the truly private things on Whatsapp. Not always that private if we consider dialogues in group chats that might belong into a private message. What remains to be done by e-mail is business communication although applications like Slack or other options are gaining in importance as such messaging even makes office life more fun. Yet, I have found a niche for e-mail applications I consider to be quite practical: mental notes – on the way to the office 😉 That’s one thing you can’t do on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Well, okay, you could use your calendar or a notification app, but I wanted to have the reminder on my office desktop pc. Hurray, e-mails will still be important.


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