Insta immigrants – seriously?

Recently, I have written on #hashtags stating that they’re used extensively and most efficiently on Instagram. The other main characteristic of Instagram posts are filters – up to the point where users proudly present their snapshots with the hashtag #nofilter. Around 60 million photos and videos are said to be uploaded to that social media channel that challenges digital immigrants. I have observed that over the past few week all my friends who had set up an Instagram account out of curiosity miss the global information flow as they do not really use the app. I, myself, missed some things (sorry: stories!) I would have liked to see. Not so long ago, most people shared their Instagram posts on Facebook, too (and Insta is part of Facebook’s assets anyway). This trend, however, appears to have become very, very uncool. For many years, the under 30s had accepted our peaceful coexistence on Facebook and provided us with their news. But they now seem to be tired of this kind of «family life» and amuse themselves among their peers on Instagram. The twentysomethings, to whom the «ageless 29-year-olds» we all know seemingly also belong, love this world of dreams in which every pose becomes an artfully stylized picture. So we, the old Twitter and Facebook junkies, now need to learn how Instagram works and thereby become «Insta immigrants». Let’s see if I can find a picture somewhere that explains it all to me with less than 10 hashtags.


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