I „swarm“ too

One of the most important functions of the digital world is to expand our real world. This is what we call “augmented reality” which results in, for example, expanding printed media via QR code or app, so that the photo suddenly becomes a film or that a Pokémon suddenly appears at certain places. But there are also easier ways to (also) make a game out of everyday life and link digital information to places. “Swarm” is one of my favorite apps. It used to be called “foursquare” and allows me to check in wherever I am. This makes it one of the most exciting, but also most controversial apps: By checking in, I show the whole world (or at least my friends on “Swarm”) where I am right now. This can have a positive effect on the image of globetrotters, but it will certainly not be used by anxious people. But having the possibility to check where my friends are also increases the chance to meet each other in real life. However, there are most probably some people too that first check where others are according to “Swarm” and then decide to avoid these places 😉 Each check-in brings me a different number of points and within a self-defined group of friends there are weekly rankings. And for each check-in location (you can add unknown ones yourself, as well as pictures of them) there is a “Mayor” with a crown. And every now and then one is dethroned or displaces another from the pedestal. And all that without a rifle and violence, but simply by checking in.


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