I hashtag, therefore I am

«Hash» stands for the icon # itself, while «tag» refers to its function in almost all channels of the #SocialMedia universe. The #DigitalImmigrants, however, have known this #icon for over 40 years, when the rhombic shape appeared on telephones. At least theoretically, hashtags help you to search the #WorldWideWeb for keywords found at any place they have been used in. Hashtags start to replace entire sentences and texts appear like stuttering. A prime example of a channel where this #trend apparently gains further significance is #Instagram (or #Insta). Here, pictures are no longer accompanied by texts but mostly by a collection of #hashtags that usually consists of a keyword-mix that is popular among the people of the community (#love has more than 1,1 billion hits, followed by #instagood and #photooftheday) and self-invented, «creative» compounds. #Influencers keep new and old #followers and #sponsors engaged with trendy hashtags. It’s good to know for digital immigrants that pasting the little hashtags into their posts is not that difficult: «hashtagger» with experience always have their favourites stored as shortcuts on their #iPhones. Simple and effective –#justtryit.


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