Help! My wife is on Instagram!

“Can you show me how this Instagram thing works?” Those were my wife’s words to our daughter who has been active in this community for quite some time. She quickly registered for an account, got herself some followers and posted her first pictures on Insta. It did, of course, not take very long until she added this abbreviation to her vocabulary. Instant love, I’d say. As a matter of fact, she has been less active on Facebook. And because our Insta-fanatic daughter convinced her absolutely not to link the two channels automatically (as that is “so uncool”), I don’t learn as much about my better half’s social media activity as I used to. She’s certainly more into Instagram and its thousands of pictures which can be improved even if the angle is bad thanks to the right filter. And she might feel (even) younger than she is as it is the most popular platform for under-35-year-olds. I’ll send my birthday wishes on Insta, I think. I mean I have an account myself, but I still prefer Facebook – at least for the time being. If I need change, I’ll probably switch directly to Snapchat. I wouldn’t be the first one in his older day to once again «become» a teenager.


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