Friends, contacts and stuff

One of the most popular conversation topics, incidentally not only among digital immigrants, but also among natives: Who can you “add” as a friend on Facebook or as a contact on Xing or Linkedin and who not? Who do you accept and who not? The topic is seemingly inexhaustible, as there are far-reaching discussions about the consequences of one’s own behavior. Let’s take a look at Facebook, for instance: Are parents meant to “apply” for a friendship with their children, considering that the assumption may arise that they only wanted to know exactly what their offspring is posting and with whom their children are in contact? Is it appropriate to leave the boss’ friend request on Facebook unanswered or even to reject it? Although a rejection is not directly visible to him or her, he or she may expect a quick confirmation. How long may one wait at all before accepting a friend request? Alright, this matter is definitely very complex. The very term “friend” makes you think about the criteria for someone to be accepted into this circle. And the answer regarding the “netiquette”, the “right” behavior, is as almost always: There are no real rules, only mainstream and individuality in coexistence. After all, it can be said that men practically never reject requests from women (and also fall for “fake” profiles of any hair color), while women – as in real life – are more selective. Quite legitimately, I think.


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