Finally, my own echo

In the analogue world, long-time husbands like me are sometimes suspected of being only “echoing” their wives. That’s not true, of course, but who wouldn’t like to have such a personal echo that not only repeats everything you say, but also reacts to your wishes and (to give just a few examples) plays music on request, answers questions, reads audio books, provides news, traffic and weather information and even sports results (!) and controls lamps, light switches and thermostats. And best of all, this echo is learning constantly more – what you probably can’t say about the echo users in general. And the best for all critics who always say “The Internet is so impersonal”: This echo even has a name and a voice. It’s still a black, loudspeaker-like thing and not yet a living avatar, but at least: Alexa can be called by name. “I’ve had it for a long time”, one or two might think, mine is “Siri”. True, but very few people use the iPhone with voice control, because it also has buttons. Alexa has no keys, so we have to talk to her! It could be that it is nothing more than a disguised therapy device for all the mute men out there who are learning to express themselves clearly again and realize that nothing works without personal communication!  Incidents like mass orders from children who supposedly shout out something like “1000 Legos bricks” have been reported from the USA. Let’s see how long it takes until Alexa is first mentioned as the reason for divorce: “He only spoke to Alexa. That broke my heart.»


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