Fidgets in the web

Some speak of “epidemic”, others of “addiction” and again others of “senseless pastime”: Sounds much like overly internet-critical educators who want to forbid young people to surf the web without a plan or post pictures and videos every minute, doesn’t it? Yet, this is not about the virtual but about the real world – namely, about a toy that “theoretically” works without the internet: the “fidget spinner”. Originally developed as an anti-stress device and tool for ADHD sufferers, it is the trend toy of 2017 that circles between fingers and attracts attention all over the world. And it is precisely this worldwide attention, the “hype”, that it owes back to the web, where photos and videos of particularly successful or especially unsuccessful trials go viral. This thing is – similar to the ice within the “Ice Bucket Challenge” three years ago – a means to an end that is becomes fun only when you can show it to the whole world. But as web addicts we do the same with photos in which we don’t do anything exciting. And as far as posts are concerned, most of us are already “fidget” or “weirdo” anyway – so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t treat our fingers to such a game from time to time instead of keyboards, right?


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