Farewell, Microsoft Office

I recently told you about finally having set up my new, “12 months temporarily stored” MacBook Pro with a loud keyboard and a beautiful yet rather little used TouchBar. And I have decided to get rid of all Office software that are believed to be indispensable: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. We probably all went through the process of briefly using «OpenOffice» and know that one can edit and safe texts, charts, presentaions and mails on Google Drive. We have most probably been under the influence of our Windows environment and colleagues, but forgot that Apple already provides the necessary tools on every device for free: They’re called «Keynote», «Numbers», «Pages» and «Mail». Most of us have already been using Apple’s mail software and were pretty content with what we got. So why have Keynote, Numbers and Pages seemingly not yet managed to convince us? I claim that it is because we are mentally trapped in the general Microsoft mainstream. And because we still seem to think that our hardware provider can’t come up with good software. For the past couple of weeks I have been using Apple’s software and these pre-installed and free software programs did a great job, as they even handle MS Office files problem-free. Farewell then to Office!


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