Fake, fake, fake

We have been blaming journalists across the world – in a Trump-like manner – for fake news and have even described their comments and views as fake. At least then, when we didn’t quite like their comments so much. As we said in the old days: “Everything can be put to paper”. By choosing a “legitimate” newspaper with reliable journalists that comply with certain journalistic standards, we used to be able to make sure not be “informed” on the development of world affairs by some rabbit breeder or what not. This has become slightly more difficult in the online world when you go beyond the platforms of established print media organizations and if they have not already become some by-product of a sales location for used cars, consulting or real estate firms and job agencies. Thanks to the internet, everybody can be anything and even pretend to be a computer scientist, bookseller or journalist all at once. The real fake starts with profiles, not with the news. A study was presented by the SRF which concluded that so-called “influencers” have up to 70 percent fake followers added to their profile. I am relieved that there are fewer people than the apparent number on the screen who actually feel a constant urge to see and like selfies of “influencers” dressed in the newest clothing lines 😉 By the way: I really like the “influencers” natural naiveté. One of them innocently declared that the journalist accused her of having fake followers was nothing but jealous of her high number of followers. No fake! 😉


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