Don’t doodle me!

Lately, I have noticed that in meetings (yes, I know, should be avoided anyway) when it comes to the question of when to meet next, the paper agenda or smartphone is often pulled out again at the end to search for and make an appointment the analogue way (means: immediately). Recently, one of the colleagues (he didn’t have his mobile phone with him, as usual) dared to ask whether the next appointment could not be “doodled”. And there aren’t many apps that have managed to get their own verb. Yet, the reaction seemed familiar like that of a product that has passed its zenith and its lifecycle curve is going down. Another colleague was quick to complain about how Doodle was taking too many nerves out of him and bringing him closer to a heart attack. I can relate to the feeling that Doodle restricts your freedom: You get “doodled” from different people, keep dozens of time slots “tentatively” free and wait for those who take one week’s time to answer. So again, it’s like: Technology is great, the people using it are annoying. It is therefore no surprise to me that not one of my friends (according to a short survey) has connected Doodle directly to their calendar. Their motto: I won’t let anyone get to my calendar!


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