Digital Detox

Once something is available in abundance, addictions occur, and only a little later there is a countermovement and counselors who offer the perfect solution in three, five, seven, or twelve steps: This is the case with alcohol, gambling, sex, work and – yes! – also with the Internet. Dozens of books have already been published in a ”stay offline for half a year”-way describing the (mostly positive) effects of abandoning all digital channels. It is probably much like being on a diet: The more radical the renunciation, the greater the danger of a relapse into days past with a permanent digital presence and online addiction. There are, of course, also more “gentle” approaches, often referred to as ” Digital Detox”. It is certainly sensible to ask yourself every now and then whether you should really chase after every trend and new channel. Just as you don’t read every book and every newspaper offered in the shop window, you shouldn’t download every new app just because it’s fashionable. But the trend is increasing: People suddenly get tired of Facebook, Twitter & Co. because they simply can’t keep up anymore with consuming the countless status messages and animal movies. But then the question usually remains: How long does the rehab last?


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