Digipigi – I want that too

I really like the naming of this innovation of the Swiss banking industry, as it could be my virtual grandchild: Digipigi. And it is not a dirty word a critic might call me after writing about a less presentable topic in the digital world. «Digipigi» is a product with which a major Swiss bank, whose name I am not going to say (not yet a sponsor of mine), is trying to delight kids. It’s an on-/offline version of the good old piggy: a digital cash box which features a character that looks more like a cat than a piggy. It apparently reminds of the Tamagotchis, the little creatures that wanted to be fed all the time. You can feed the Digipigi, too: It reacts to money coming in or any transaction on the kids bank account with sound and movements. The bank claims that Digipigi protects the savings with a secure magnetic lock (!) and is only fully functional when conntected to the defined home wifi-spot. Additionally, it serves even as a bed side lamp, clock and alarm. The only thing kids (starting from 7 years old) still need to do themselves or their parents can reward their child’s effort in doing the chores by triggering a transaction via a parent app that gives them some control safety. The aim of Digipigi is to let children develop – from an early stage on – a sensible, conscious way of handling money in a playful manner. Adults (like the Digiimmi) might also be in for such a piggy, especially when it comes to the interest rate of 5%. Bummer! The offer is only available for clients under 12 years of age 😉


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