Buttons in the closet

Most of the people will have bought “Alexa”, this echo thing from Amazon, and installed it at home. They can stop reading this time. Because if you have Alexa, you probably don’t need any buttons in your cabinet. They are also such an Amazon invention called “Dash Button”. With them you can rapidly re-order products. For example, you place the dash button next to the toothbrush, which reorders new toothbrushes at the push of a button. And in a few weeks Samy Liechti, founder of blacksocks, will also be offering this. He calls it “Internet without a screen”. Somewhat true. But when I need such a button for each product, which has to be synchronized via Wi-Fi with my mobile phone or PC, then my analog trained brain, which can not only distinguish 1 and 0 (“order” and “do not order”), thinks: What the f…? What exactly should be easier here than ordering a sockscription in the webshop or ordering a single pair of socks by mouse click? If I were Samy, I’d rather make sure that “Alexa” soon knows me and orders “200 pairs of Blacksocks, size 42” quickly and easily on voice command, even if I’m not standing in front of my sock closet. Sorry, the Digiimmi can’t hit “Like” button this time 😉


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