Brave new world

Is your hairbrush connected to the Internet or is it just your scale? Is your house monitored and can you therefore always see the postman on your mobile phone when you are away? Or can you even take a quick look into your fridge at home during your vacation via the web? And do you operate the steering wheel heating of your car via mobile on your way to the final ski ride? The “Internet of Things” has now reached our everyday life and makes it easier here and there. But the ideas of manufacturers and users go much further: What if the coffee machine noticed when the next espresso was good for us through a chip in our body? Isn’t the idea awesome that our apartment is exactly at our preferred temperature, that our favourite roast is “done” in the oven and that the music system plays the piece from our playlist that we love after a long working day and of which the “Internet of Things” knows whether we have heard it somewhere today? “Brave New World” or “Golden Cage”: Opinions differ, even my own varies back and forth – similar to those immigrants who have arrived in the land of their dreams and yet long to return to their hometowns. Let’s put it this way: As long as I can override the “Internet of Things” myself and then do what my brain wants and not just the sensors, I enjoy it. That way, I can decide whether to write my blog articles myself or let my robot do it 😉


2 thoughts on “Brave new world

  1. Ah darum schreibt der Digiimmi *scheinbar* neumödig englisch. In Wirklichkeit will er nur, dass ihn sein Roboter besser verstehen kann. Jetzt wissen wir es.

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