Beautiful vacation filter bubble

Why do most people enjoy going on vacation when there are hourlong traffic jams and hours of waiting at airports? It is probably because they like spending at least a few weeks per year in that filter bubble that offers all-round well-being and keeps day-to-day concerns far away: Whatever happens on this earth or at home (except for disasters) stays outside of this sunny, sandy and fresh-air bubble. At the same time, such filter bubbles (rooms in which you can only get selected news and content) are exactly what is mostly criticised when it comes to internet phenomena. One of the most popular horror scenarios is: As my social media feeds only show content that supposedly or rather algorithmically go with me, I’m living in some sort of dream world. But don’t we find ourselves in real life as well as online in a place in which we’re surrounded by what “goes with us”? That is what the filter bubble reflects. But there’s a difference: In my social media feeds I get to know which filter bubbles (at least momentarily) go best with my friends & family. In summer, for instance, these “bubbles” range from «Moon&Stars», “Live at Sunset” or Port Cervo, Nizza and San Francisco. And you know what the good thing is? Although I’m physically present, pleasant memories come back to mind just by scrolling through these posts. And I am almost “there” when videos go live – and it’s cheaper and there’s no traffic jam.


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