Back to the typewriter

This is the first Digiimmi article that is being written on my new MacBook Pro and it is also the first one without any support from Microsoft. I have been the owner my new “baby” for almost a year, but I had not yet been ready to replace my old MacBook. There might be tens of thousands of emails and hundreds of documents stored on my “old” laptop (apparently not older than 3 years), but I still have dozens of gigabytes storage space left. I could have gone on a few more years with the old silver thing, but the new “baby” is a littler smaller (thinner), more beautiful to look at (space-gray) and has an even more gentle surface. The two of us simply needed this one year of “separation time”. Not that it took me so long to get all charging, network and connection cables (or adapters), which was costly by the way. No! But there is one detail that still irritates me somehow: While over the past decades the design, computing capacities, screen resolution and also keyboards have massively been improved, this time there was some kind of “backslash”: The keyboard of this new MacBook Pro is almost as noisy as the typewrite I had in the 1970s. this might not be a great deal for singles sitting in their flats, but when working while commuting or typing in the office you potentially become some sort of a “troublemaker”. Which, on the other hand, might also be positive as you (re)begin talking to each other. And there are at least certain words (“certain” is one of them) will appear as a suggestion on the “Touch Bar” and can be selected noiselessly with just a fingertip. And as soon as my “baby” is capable of reading my mind (probably in around 100 years), the entire text will be written down without any keyboard sound.


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