“Autobiography“ made simple

As social media users – even if Zuckerberg and others tell their customers differently – we are rather annoyed by advertising fade-ins in our streams and are sometimes surprised by how stupid they think we are. When we click on the banners, it’s more for boredom or testing purposes. So I did it again, and you know what: Although I already did unasked and unpaid advertising in the past, I have to do it again: An ad in my feed offered to generate a book for me in a few minutes, summarizing my Facebook year. And indeed: For each calendar year, or for other periods of my choice, one click on “MySocialBook” creates a book with my posts, uploads, comments from my Facebook friends and so on. Said and done, without any intervention (you could also cut out undesirable posts and pictures and edit them). And this is truly an autobiography in two ways: written by oneself (over the year) and also made automatically. Of course, the image resolution is less perfect than with photo books (for which we spend hours and days of our own time) and of course one can ask oneself whether all comments deserve to be immortalized in a book. But, hey: Even the digital natives were impressed in the morning break and think it’s a cool thing. And that although the product seems to be tailored to us digital immigrants, as we can finally also flip through our online world in an offline mode.



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