Augmented reality – for real!

It was the Roman 10 – namely the X – that captivated all Apple fans in September 2017. And it apparently takes more than a week to “digest” all new features. We (the Apple fan base) read the overly critical commentaries on the new iPhones with joy and casually respond with answers like “I don’t need this feature you think is missing!” or “Oh, the jealousy of the Android users”. But now, there is one thing that hurts an Apple fan: the extra-super screen of the new iPhone X is made by Samsung. This feels like an Audi’s bonnet, or worse, an Audi’s cockpit made by Subaru. I, for once, remain a bit irritated, since we (as consumers) distinguish between brands, such as Samsung and Apple, because we attribute some status or identity value to such products. But what Apple fans have been interested in was the number 11: the new version of Apple’s operating system iOS. Its new features include augmented reality on all current iPhone models. Or at least, it enables apps to put the reality in front of the camera-eye together with the one within the device or its software. It was IKEA – not quite the ‘Mac’ of the furniture industry – who explored new horizons with their app “IKEA Place”. I can now place virtual IKEA furniture into my living room and check out whether the selected piece of furniture fits into my home. Unfortunately, I have not found an app feature that helps with the installation of the furniture, when trying to find the right screws for instance. But this might be a new feature that comes with a next update.


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