Augmented paper and stuff like that

The very title of this article again reveals that I am a digital immigrant, because digital natives know paper only from hearsay or maybe from the restroom. Everything else is digital, even the biggest sh… that is flushed down the toilet or posted from there. Well, augmented paper doesn’t mean the growing flood of paper in offices or mailboxes, but quite the opposite, namely the transformation of handwritten thoughts and stories into digital content. One such product comes from the writing instrument manufacturer who bears the name of a well-known mountain and is not a sponsor of mine, so unfortunately the brand cannot be mentioned here either (Google will, however, easily help you find it). You write on “conventional” paper, in your own handwriting, and with a push of a button your writing ends up on a mobile phone or computer, where it can be further processed and edited. This is of course something like a dream for digital immigrants, who seem to develop more ideas and be more creative writing by hand than in front of a screen. Sure, there were similar notebooks that could be connected to PCs in the past, but they weren’t advertised as cool as this one. And this would most probably be very suitable for me, because it would obviously put me in the “mainstream”, which is currently moving back to analogue (in my stream at least). And still, I would have the digital conversion up my sleeve – and that at no extra cost. I could once again pretend to be an analogue traditionalist with a fountain pen and paper, while making sure that I can keep up with the digital modernists.


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