Are you also an update addict?

Recently, someone in the family has admitted that he is “update addicted” and sometimes wakes up at night and then has to check on his mobile phone whether there are new updates in the App Store or even a system update for the software. A new clinical picture seems to be developing which we can best describe as “update junkie” in analogy to the well-known “news junkie”. The symptom is quickly explained: At any time and any place you want to be sure that you won’t miss an update. The reasons for this are perhaps more difficult to name because they are likely to be very individual: The starting point is probably one of the luxury problems of our epoch – we simply have too much time for our mobile phones 😉 But deeper reasons could also lie in the fact that the person may receive too few e-mails and WhatsApp messages and is therefore looking for other clues from “News” on the phone. Or opposite is the case: The person gets too many messages during the day and his body, especially his brain and fingers can’t switch off during the night. So, while these junkies love every digit that appears on the App Store app icon (yes, the double “app” is right here!), there are the others who panic or used to panic at a number over 3. With the rise of WhatsApp everyone is voluntarily or involuntarily in one or the other group chat such numbers are no longer a reason for excitement. I believe many could do without the “updates” of group “colleagues” within seconds 😉


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