Apple is annoying (me)

It’s here: The “Homepad”. The intelligent loudspeaker or home assistant by Apple. It’s a rather “late arrival”, has a non-creative name with a 90s touch and is most probably less capable than Amazon’s “Alexa” of Sonos’ multiroom system. This is upsetting to an old Apple fan boy: The formerly innovation-driven Apple people are becoming copy-paste-specialists that by the way create pretty bad copies. What happended to the pioneer spirit that seemed tangible when new Apple products were about to be launched and set new standards in the market? Those were the (good old) days from which only the delivery delays seem to have survived. As far as I’m concerned, only a real hit can now safe the company’s image: Should the “Homepad” be able to replace AppleTV, help “spread” wifi, play music in different rooms, monitor the energy balance of the household and simultaneously order pizza, then – and only then – can I imagine to be in for this item.


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