An air mattress with breakfast

Swiss hoteliers, please don’t listen to this: I admit that I occasionally travel to foreign cities and rent a private apartment for the night. Of course, I find the accommodations via AirBnB, an app with which probably 99 percent of digital natives and some immigrants like me are familiar. Originally, this Silicon Valley invention was called “AirBedandBreakfast”, which could also be translated as “air mattress with breakfast”. This air mattress has become a pretty big business, with millions of apartments, rooms and entire houses in 190 countries now being offered as overnight accommodations. This makes it the most successful sharing tool to date, far ahead of Uber and others. And not only air mattress places in student flats are offered anymore, but also private flats, mansions and – yes – hotel rooms. Even in Swiss hotels, where I – after a quick check on or elsewhere – still book directly. After all, you want to promote Swiss family businesses. On city trips abroad, however, I enjoy “surprising” living experiences. For example, if you arrive in a city at 10 in the evening, stand in front of the provider’s private house and call him on his mobile phone. The uncertainty as to whether everything will work out and the relief when he tells you under which flower pot the key is located: Priceless!


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