A generation without nose

If you’re a digital immigrant, you’re most probably always trying to fit better into the digital society. Which might result in searching for details that help you “look” more like a real digital native. For decades, since my own immigration into the digital world, I have been looking for such tiny details that make you feel like part of the community. And the digital world is not that different from the analogue one in which you fit in, for instance, with by making the right choice of your suit, by talking in a particular slang or simply by wearing the most popular sneaker brand. The right term for this is social code. And such codes exist nowadays on every social media channel, despite our belief that there is no «right» and «wrong» in the digital world but «trying out» is what needs to be done. Interestingly, just a few days ago, I overheard a debate between two digital natives talking about how they’d expose a digital immigrant “at a glance”: We supposedly choose to write text emojis in their complete version with a dash as the emoji’s nose. Digital natives simply leave that one out. While we are, once again, adhering to «spelling rules», they don’t. Although it hurts my eyes, here’s my try: 😉


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